Monday, July 29, 2013

Product review : Neutrogena Oil free moisture

An important step in any skin care routine is surely moisturizing. No mater what skin type you have moisturizing is beneficial nowadays there are special moisturizers made for specific skin types. You can find at the store moisturizers designed for combination, dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin.

Oily skin as mine doesn't need as much moisture as other skin types, because the natural oil from the skin maintains it moisturized. Even though I have Oily skin I still like to use a small amount of moisturizer after washing my face. This is when I tried a moisturizer designed for combination skin, the: Oil free moisture for combination skin from Neutrogena (4FL OZ).

Product:  Moisturizer
Name: Oil free moisture for combination skin
Brand: Neutrogena
Price: $10.99 usd


1) Comes in a handy pump bottle, which allows out just the right amount for each use

2) The product is Oil free, so it won't clog your pores

3) The product is for combination skin, therefore it moisturizes the dry parts of the face and controls shine in the oily parts without being too heavy.

4) The product is Alcohol-free and Fragrance-free a plus for those with sensitive skin to certain ingredients.

5) Affordable price


1) One bottle doesn't last long maybe 3-4 months at least for me

2) Very lightweight sometimes I have to reapply twice for m skin to feel comfortably hydrated

Final Word

I am truly pleased with this moisturizer for the reason that it's very lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. Taking into consideration that I have oily and acne prone skin the fact that this product is is oil free is a big plus for me. This product does not target specific skin concerns such as wrinkles or uneven skin tone, but works great doing it's main function which is moisturizing. 

Disclaimer: This product review is based entirely on my personal opinion and experience while using the specified product.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cleaner pores: My top 3 tips

Most of us suffer once in a while, from unpleasant and annoying blackheads, whiteheads or just clogged pores. Some may be easy to remove and respond well to gentle facial scrubs, while others tend to be more stubborn. For this common skin problem I have tried several methods, and wish to share today 3 that have worked for me.

Exfoliating with a Scrub: As mentioned in a previous post, exfoliation is an important and vital step in any skin care routine. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells from the surface as well as dirt, oil and pore clogging debris. One facial scrub that has truly helped in keeping my pores cleaner, is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Having in consideration that my skin is oily and acne prone, this scrub hasn't caused any irritations or breakouts on my skin. I use this scrub 1-2 times a week, but it can be used up to 4 times a week according to the instructions. There are many facial scrubs on the market and finding one that suits your skin may be difficult but worth the results.

Using a facial cloth or skin cleansing tool: In between facial exfoliations I like to use a facial cloth to cleanse my skin, doing so once a day, preferably at night, has helped in keeping my skin and pores cleaner. Another alternative to using a facial cloth, is using a silicone cleansing pad which is very gentle to the skin and can be used with any facial wash you choose. I have noticed that when I cleanse my skin with the help of a facial cleansing tool such as: cloth, silicone cleansing pad or scrubbie, my skin pores feel cleaner and are even less noticeable. 

Using a blackhead/whitehead extraction tool: Sometimes clogged pores may still be present after trying several methods to cleanse them this is when the use of a pore extracting tool can be effective. The most common and affordable type is the double ended loop extractor made out of stainless steel. This small tool usually has two ends one with an angled loop to roll out whiteheads and the other a flat side with small opening to press out blackheads. When using this type of extraction tool it is very important to follow the instructions on the product packaging. Using a double loop extractor is very effective in removing the most stubborn blackheads and whiteheads that don't seem to respond to other skin treatments. 

Having a skin care routine that specifically targets clogged pores is important if that is a skin concern for you. Another important factor in order to obtain cleaner pores is, consistency when using any skin cleansing method or treatment. When you achieve the desired results you will notice how your skin feels and looks healthier.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 skin soothing ingredients

Some skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema sensitive sin and others can cause the skin to feel irritated and uncomfortable. Whether you have a skin condition or not most people will experience irritated or dry skin sometime in their life. This is where mother nature comes in to save the day offering various remedies that can soothe troubled skin.

 Aloe Vera : A plant believed to have healing properties useful in treating wounds and skin irritations. Very beneficial for skin suffering from acne or dryness. Believed to be suitable for all skin types. 

⓶ Calendula : Has both healing and analgesic properties and is beneficial for dry or damaged skin. According to the topical application of Calendula has the ability to decrease inflammation and promote healing on the following : burns, eczema, wounds and other inflammatory skin conditions. Note of warning: Calendula may cause a skin rash if there is an existing allergy to either marigold or pot marigold. The use of Calendula is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

⓷ Chamomile : Contains calming and conditioning effects. Has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties which aid skin suffering from burns, rashes and sunburn. Also suitable for acne and eczema due to it's anti inflammatory abilities.

Cucumber extract : Commonly used in facial products such as serums and astringents due to it's ability to cool and soothe the skin. Contains various vitamins and minerals as well as silicon. Two important components of cucumber are ascorbic acid and caffeic acid which help reduce water retention. 

Grape seed oil : Known to have antioxidant properties, therefore helping fight off free radicals without causing skin irritations. It is believed that flavonoids present in grape seed oil can help reduce skin allergies. Can be used as a skin moisturizer and makeup remover.

Green tea : Powerful antioxidant, contains potent anti inflammatory and anti irritant properties. Can be used as a skin moisturizer for it's soothing effects. Studies suggest topical formulations made with green tea help reduce sun damage and may enhance sun protection when used in combination with sunscreen.

Honey : Known to have healing properties. Beneficial to use for various skin conditions such as the following: acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin. It is recommended to use raw honey as it is not processed with perservatives. A patch test is also recommended before using raw honey on the facial skin to make sure it won't cause an allergic reaction.

⓼ Oatmeal :  Has healing and soothing properties and is known to reduce inflammation. Oats are a wonderful form to exfoliate the skin due to it's beneficial properties. Oats have been scientifically proven to aid the process of healing on dry and itchy skin. People suffering from eczema have also found relief in the use of oatmeal, which is a natural and hypoallergenic ingredient.

⓽ Olive oil : An excellent moisturizer for skin, containing antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. Has the ability to protect skin from free radicals found in the environment. It is recommended to use cold pressed Olive oil as this is the best method of extraction that still mantains the vitamin and nutrient of the olive.

⓾ Rose hip oil : Known to have a high content of vitamin C as well as other essential fatty acids beneficial to the skin. Has healing properties beneficial for various skin conditions including acne scars, damaged and mature skin just to name a few.

There are definetly more ingredients in the form of herbs and plants that can be found to heal and soothe specific skin conditions this is just a brief list. If you suffer from a skin condition that that makes your skin irritated you may find relief in some of the ingredients mentioned above. If you choose to try some of them there are a few links below with more information regarding the ingredients.

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