Friday, December 30, 2011

Aqua nail polish from Forever 21

I have never been a big fan of nail polish nor do I use them often, but when I saw this Aqua nail polish at Forever 21 I had to buy it. I love purples and blues mostly I'm not too crazy about pink hues. This color really caught my eye since I have been wanting to buy a blue nail polish for a while and this one was the perfect hue I was looking for.

Nail polish name: Aqua
Price: $2.80
Store: Forever 21

 My nails with one coat of Aqua nail polish just the right amount to give
my nails a subtle hint of color.


And now my nails with two coats of Aqua nail polish
A bit to much for me I will stick to one coat. If you like 
this color you can purchase it at your local Forever 21 store.
Check out the website for more nail polish colors
Disclaimer : I do not get paid to review any beauty products
I just do it as a hobby ;) 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Make up tips for brighter eyes

Imagine you didn't sleep well during the night and have to wake up early the next day. You're not in the best of moods and on top of that your eyes look half asleep with under eye circles could it get any worse. You feel like a zombie and your face resembles it too ^.^

Most of us have experienced a day like this including myself. So here are a few tips to awaken those tired eyes and make them look brighter. First of all before we get started here's a list of the items/materials you will need.

① Eyedrops (optional)
② White shimmery/pearly eyeshadow

③ Eyelash curler

Step 1 ⇒ Apply eyedrops if you feel it's necessary. Eyedrops help minimize small swollen blood vessels in the eyes, making them look clearer. I myself have used eyedrops a few times for this reason and they have truly helped. These ones in the picture I got on one of my trips to Mexico, they are actually really good, but I haven't been able to find them here since it's a Mexican brand.

Step 2 ⇒ Apply shimmery/pearly eyeshadow to inner eye corner. This will give your eyes a subtle glow that will make them look more open and awake.

Step 3 ⇒ This is something I like doing as an alternative to using an under eye concealer which can look too heavy. Apply the same shimmery eyeshadow to under eye circles. You might want to do it very little just enough to conceal those under eye circles and add a shimmery light to your eyes.

Step 4 ⇒ Curl your eyelashes this will automatically make your eyes look awake and wide open.

Step 5 ⇒ Add one or two coats of black mascara to your eyelashes. If you want a more natural look apply a clear mascara.

Now you are ready to go out, wether it's to school, work, hang out or just to run some errands. You may still feel a bit sleepy but your eyes now look wide awake and you are ready to face the world with confidence. I hope these tips were of some help for all the girls out there looking for a quick solution for tired looking eyes.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

❆ ❆ ❆ Winter Skincare ❆ ❆ ❆

In winter it's common for the skin to suffer from extreme dryness. In the part of California where I live the coldest it gets is about 28° degrees (°F) at night, during the day normal is in the °50's. I guess it's not so bad compared to other countries near the north pole where they get below 0 temperatures in winter. Just to mention an interesting fact : one of the coldest city's in the world is Yakutsk, Russia with temperatures as cold as -40 °C in the month of January, now that is freezing.

In some countries people's skin even bleeds due to the harsh cold. Even though this may not be the case for most of us one thing is true our skin needs special care in winter. Here are some tips for facial skin care in winter, since the face is the part of the body that is most exposed to the cold air in winter.

Change from your regular moisturizer to a cream. So basically have a moisturizer for year round but upgrade to a heavier one like a cream during the winter months.

Try a moisturizing mask once or twice a week.

Use a natural toner. You might want to switch from your regular toner to a natural home made one. Regular toners that target specific skin concerns ej: oily controller, acne, lightening the skin etc, can be harsh to the skin during the winter. Here's a very simple DIY natural toner that you can try. Mix two tablespoons of green tea ( that has already been made) and two tablespoons of water. Store in a plastic container, re-do mixture every two days.

Why Green tea?
Green tea when applied topically can help soothe irritated, dry, sensitive skin. It also contains powerful antioxidant properties and if used regularly it can help skin maintain it's youthful appearance. Green tea can also be moisturizing when applied on the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Skin can greatly benefit from green tea not only in winter but all year round too.

Exfoliate less often. Skin should be exfoliated 2-3 times a week, but in winter if you can lower it to once a week depending on your skin type. 

  And most important of all stay warm and protect your skin from the cold air with a scarf if you live where it snows. I hope that with these tips you are better prepared to greet this new season. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, December 5, 2011

♥ Bows, bows and more bows ♥

The look of a hairstyle can change with a simple hair accessory. This post is about bows, which I really like, I have quite a few now, this is my small collection. Hope you can get inspired to create a look of your own as well as experiment with new hair ideas ;)

For a side swept ponytail instead of using an ordinary hair tie, try a bow hair tie, the ones below are from H & M, you can always find cute accessories there.

I personally really like these bow hair claws that I found at Forever 21


Here are some hair ideas you can try with bows or any other hair accessory...

source: msn image search 

source: msn image search

So basically a small accessory can make a BIG difference. Feel free to experiment with your hair, it can be loads of fun. You can also find more hair ideas online, simply search for images of hairstyles or for kawaii hairstyles which is were I found this last image. Thanks for stopping by ♥


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New items at Luliku creations

Here are some brand new items from my online shop: Luliku creations. These are the "Secret garden earrings" they are super cute and very girly. Can be worn for any special occasion : prom, wedding, party, or just to go out with friends. Aren't they super cute?

♥ Secret garden earrings ♥

The next pair I called "Tokyo Pop earrings", I was inspired by the big city of Tokyo even though I've never been there but I've seen pictures online, such a colorful diverse city.

♥ Tokyo pop earrings  ♥

Thanks for stopping by, If you wish to check out my shop here's the link http://lulikucreations/shop/


Exfoliating with natural ingredients

Exfoliating the skin is a step that can't be skipped in any skin care routine, it should be done at least two times a week. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that can make the skin look opaque and dull. It also helps clean out clogged pores. Every skin type can benefit from exfoliation.

There are a lot of facial exfoliating products in the market today, some products target specific skin concerns besides exfoliating the skin such as: brightening, anti-aging, minimizing pores and others. With so many options I prefer to use natural exfoliating ingredients from my kitchen, not only are they accessible but also affordable. So here are a few exfoliating ingredients that almost anyone can find in their kitchen too. Mixing a teaspoon of the ingredient you prefer with a teaspoon of your regular cleanser will work as an exfoliant.

Cane sugar: It is very light and soft when scrubbed against the skin. You can also use regular sugar if you prefer.

Salt: There are several types of salts, here I'll be referring to table salt the most commonly found in households. Salt has a harder consistency so when used as a facial exfoliant it should be done gently.

  Baking soda: Is not too abrasive when used as a facial exfoliant that's why it's suitable for any skin type. It really leaves the skin with a clean polished look, at least for the few times I've tried it.

Exfoliating doesn't have to be expensive as you can see. Giving these ingredients a try will help you figure out which one works best for your skin. And don't forget exfoliation is a must in any skin care routine as it helps the skin appear healthy and glowing.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

My personal experience with acne medications

I developed acne when I was about fifteen years old, and with time it just kept getting worst.When I was In High School my cheecks were full of pimples. It was very hard emotionally having to go out to the world like that. All I wanted was to have clear healthy skin.

Today I would like to share my experience with acne an some of the products that I tried. These are just a few, I can't remember all of the products I used out of desperation. The products I mention here are the ones I can remember the most as I tried so many it got hard to keep track.

Proactive - It did not cure my acne it only had it under control. The root of the problem continued which is what happens with most acne products they don't attack the root of the problem they just help superficially. I used Proactive for about 2 years with no lasting results whenever I stopped the treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide - On a desperate attempt to cure my acne I bought a medicated over  the counter cream with a 10% concentration of benzoyl peroxide. I had in the past used the same type of medicated cream at a 2% and 5% concentration with no results of improvement in my skin. This time I went much further believing a 10% concentration 
would do the works. I was very wrong ! after using the medicated cream over night for about two days, my skin got flaky dry peeling and red. I stopped using the medicated cream immediately.

Sulfur - I once read that sulfur when used topically can help heal acne, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a sulfur ointment specially formulated for acne. After trying the sulfur ointment once or twice, my skin became dry and irritated, not as much as it did with the benzoyl peroxide though. I discontinued the use of this product because my skin didn't seem to like it.

Even though a lot of acne products I tried didn't help much, there were also other products that did help. Later on I will write a post about the products that did help improve my skin's appearance. There a lot of acne products today but not all of them work for everyone, since we all have different skin types. One thing is true with effort and patience you too can find products that your skin will react positively to.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stylish Jewelry


        We usually can find beautiful jewelry pieces at any average mall store.  
At stores such as forever 21 and H & M I have personally found some hit pieces.
Even though I like these stores sometimes I fell like wearing a more original piece
of jewelry, something uncommon.

I was fortunate to find a website that sells handmade arts and crafts including
 jewelry it's called( After opening an account I decided to launch my
very own jewelry shop. At a young age I took the hobby of making handmade
 jewelry sometimes selling them to friends and family.

  I had only one thing in mind, create original pieces. I posted some of my most favorite 
and unique pieces at my newly made online shop which I gave the name: Luliku Creations. I 
sell all my jewelry at affordable prices and free shipping in the U.S.A only. Along this post there are a few pictures of my work. 

             As the owner of Luliku Creations I can say my jewelry pieces offer a unique style
             If you're in search of an original piece, you can find my shop in my link list on the top right column under Luliku Creations- unique jewelry. 


Saturday, November 5, 2011

                 Product review: Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin

Olay's foaming face wash comes in several versions: sensitive, normal, and combination/oily skin. The
product comes in a tube like bottle, it contains 7.0 fluid oz. of product. This product is very affordable
it costs about $ 5.95 usd. and can be found in almost any drugstore.

One of the reasons I chose this product as a facial wash is because it's oil-free and fragrance free I believe that products that don't contain oil or fragrance are better for the skin. The second reason is that I have acne prone and oily skin therefore I only use oil free products.
I mainly use this facial wash once a day and at night I use another facial wash that helps control acne prone skin. This facial wash leaves my skin clean but not the squeaky clean that is so dry it hurts. One thing I really like is that it leaves my skin free of any oil, and make-up. After washing my face, my face feels soft and  smooth.

 This is a product I would definetly recommend. I am personally very satisfied with Olay's foaming face
 wash for sensitive, and normal skin as I have tried both. This product review is based on my personal opinion and experience while using this product. For more information about this product you can visit Olay's website at


Monday, October 31, 2011

Tips to look good in pictures

     It's uncommon to see a picture of oneself and actually feel content and satisfied with 
the outcome. Either your nose looks too big, or crooked, you have a double chin, look
too fat etc and the list continues. Fortunately with a few good tips you'll be able to look
your best in pictures even if you aren't as photogenic as you believe.

    First of all stand up straight even if it's just for the picture. Standing up straight will
help reduce if not disappear any rolls in your mid section. Standing up straight will 
also elongate your body making you look taller.

   Standing sideways is a good option to simulate a slim body. To this standing position
you can add your hand to your waist for a model like shot. You can practice this pose
in the privacy of your home to avoid feeling awkward in public, when you decide to
pose for a picture.

   Important as well is to find your good side. We all have a side of our face that comes
out better in pictures. Example: you may have one eye more droopy than the other 
one therefore the side with the less droopy eye would be your good side. Taking a 
look in the mirror carefully will help you decide which is your good side.

   These are just a few tips that can help you look your best in pictures. Even though
these are just a few tips they can make a big difference. After trying these tips myself 
I can say they work well for me as I am not too photogenic in my opinion, and I'm 
sure others can benefit from them too. But most important it is to feel good inside
because when you feel good inside you look good on the outside as well.