Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beauty hacks

Every now and then, I like to discover some beauty hacks that I must say, make my life much easier. I've certainly invented my own and I'm very sure other people have come up with the same or similar ones. In any case I sure love beauty hacks and take notes of those I find online, in books or in magazines. So here below is a list of some of my most favorite beauty hacks.

Baby powder for oily hair. This beauty hack could easily substitute the so called "dry shampoo". For all those times when you don't have time to take a shower, but your hair is looking oily, and you don't have any dry shampoo or don't know it exists (this was me). This is when having baby powder comes in handy, just sprinkle sparingly and remove any excess, before heading out the door. It also makes your hair smell good.

White shimmery eyeshadow for under eye circles. One day, while trying to simplify my beauty routine, I discovered a little beauty hack, which has worked wonders for me. Applying white or translucent shimmery eyeshadow on my under eye circles instead of heavy duty concealer. My eyes looked more refreshed and with a little illumination or subtle sparkle. For this hack, I recommend using a slightly shimmery eyeshadow, and to blend carefully, also keep in mind that for this hack "less is more".


Concealer or foundation to brighten and lift brows. I've seen a lot of products for highlighting under the brows for a lifting effect. I find the same result can be achieved with a bit of foundation or concealer, applied under and above the brows. Sometimes I use either foundation or concealer for this, and it truly gives my brows a lift and gives them a clean and polished look.

Clear nail polish to seal cheap earrings and prevent allergies. If you really want to wear some cute earrings but your ears are sensitive to other materials that are not real gold or silver. This is when you can try this hack, just seal the earring wire with clear nail polish, to prevent the material from directly touching your ear's sensitive skin, and therefore prevent allergies.

Eyebrow powder added to hairline to conceal thinning hair. When my hair started thinning and my scalp looking a bit baldy in certain spots, I quickly came up with a cheap quick fix. I decided to add some of my dark eyebrow powder to my hairline, to cover those small patches of thinking hair. I can say that it really helped and looked natural. So I recommend that If you are going to try this beauty hack, make sure that the brow powder you use matches your hair color.

These are just a few of my favorite beauty hacks, I hope these fun ideas can be helpful and serve to simplify your beauty routine. And now a question to all the readers ... What's your favorite beauty hack? feel free to comment on the section below. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Castor oil for hair growth

Scalp tonics, shampoos, vitamins, all specialized in hair growth, yes I've tried many of them some giving me few results or satisfaction others offering none. And I must say, my second biggest concern after hair loss and thinning was the price of these products which were not always budget friendly. Soon my mission became clear: finding a product at an affordable price, that also gave me results for hair loss/thinning.

There comes an age when we, as women may experience hair loss/thinning, it could be due to different reasons some include, diet/nutrition, stress, medications and so on. I believe in my particular case it was due to stress and a poor nutrition were I don't consume enough vegetables or fruits on a daily basis. But whatever the reason of your hair loss may be, one thing is certain, hair loss/thinning can make the sufferer feel dissapointed and sad. 

Today I want to share a product I've been using for my hair loss/thinning and which is giving me positive results it is Castor oil. I did my personal research and found out Castor oil is effective to grow new hair, at first I didn't completely believe it, but it didn't hurt to give it a try. I bought a 4 oz. Castor oil bottle on Amazon for only $7.02 USD the brands name is Heritage store.


I started using this product in May of 2017, so its been about 10 months already. After the first week of using castor oil on my scalp is when I started noticing some baby hair, I was very pleased and happy. And as the months have passed I,ve continued seeing baby hair emerging. I think my thinning hair makes it look like I'm balding a little which is not exactly the case.

But anyways now I want to mention the way I use this product for maximum effect. I usually rub the Castor Oil into my scalp with a gentle massage, I divide my hair in sections with a comb to do it. Then I leave it overnight and take a shower the next day, with two shampoo rinses to make sure the oil washes off. Since Castor oil can be quite messy and sticky, when I sleep with it I use a clean towel over my pillow, so I won't get oil all over the place.

One very important point to remember when starting any treatment is to be consistent and patient in order to see results. It is also important to take into consideration to what extent is your hair falling, is it in a mild, moderate, or severe form? And seek medical advice to rule out any other possible health problem that may be causing hair loss.

I hope this post was helpful and informative to those of you out there who seek a natural and affordable treatment for hair loss or hair thinning. It is my deepest wish that nobody has to deal with this annoying problem of hair loss. Feel free to comment on the section below, on any advice or tips to combat hair loss.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Adriana Lima's beauty secrets

I'm always looking out for beauty secrets and tips from celebrities, models, and other inspirational people. It's fun to borrow a beauty tip or two and incorporate them into my beauty routine. This time I wanted to do my own little research on Adriana de Lima's skin care and beauty secrets including some on how she maintains a fit and toned body.

So here are a few of her beauty secrets, that I found to be very beneficial. I plan to include some of these into my own beauty/wellness routine. If you also like reading about celebrities best kept beauty secrets, then this post is for you.


Coconut water & other Juices - Adriana drinks coconut water everyday, she also recommends drinking other healthy juices made of fruits such as Acai and Acerola. According to Dr. Axe, the acai berry is a high antioxidant food, even more than other berries including the goji berry. One of the benefits of acai berries is that it helps regenerate skin and also prevent those annoying early signs of aging.

Intense workouts- Adriana loves doing workouts that will make her sweat, she recommends jumping rope, which she does sometimes up to an hour. She also suggest doing a minimum of ten minutes jumping rope, which according to her burns up as many calories as running for thirty minutes, no wonder she is so fit and slim !!

Healthy snacks - When she is being careful with her diet she goes for healthy snacks such as asparagus and spinach as well as berries specially blackberries and blueberries. 

Flax seed oil- For hair to grow faster Adriana recommends flaxseed oil, it can also be in a pill form, but suggests asking your doctor first.

A lot of mascara- One beauty tip from Adriana which never occurred to me is: applying and reapplying black mascara all day long specially during the summer.

Mix bronze powder or shimmer with moisturizer- For a bare faced look Adriana recommends mixing your moisturizer with bronze powder or shimmer. This can also be done with your daily sunblock, according to Adriana it gives a nice glow when applied.

Hair mask- Doing a hair mask at least once a week is what Adriana tries to do, she uses hair conditioner for this, and leaves it 30-45 minutes under her hair cap, before rinsing. She also suggests changing conditioners once in a while, which is what she does. She also shares a unique beauty tip from native country, Brazil and that is very simple and is, mixing a hair mask or hair conditioner with some avocado and using it as a treatment, according to her it will leave your hair shiny.

Going to a dermatologist- Like most celebrities Adriana has a personal dermatologist, that she visits once a month and takes great care of her skin. His name is Herve Herau, has his very own line of products, which are amazingly natural, and lives in the beautiful city of Paris.

Beauty Oils- One of her best kept beauty secrets: the use of oils to make her skin look not only healthy but also glowing, in fact she uses almond oil and coconut oil before big events as a way to prepare her skin and hair. Drinking a lot of water is also a must for her as well as using water mists to keep herself hydrated during the day when she has events.

I hope you too can benefit from some of Adriana's best kept beauty and skin care secrets as much as I did. Which of the above was your favorite beauty secret? share below if you wish, in the comment section. Have a great day ladies !!!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Vintage inspiration

Today I want to introduce a new section in my blog in which I share pictures from my Instagram account, regarding fashion and beauty. Today's theme will be: Vintage inspiration. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more fashion and beauty ideas @yulii_85

Vintage inspired mustard cardigan with lace from forever 21 ....

Some vintage accessories can be easily found in consignment 
and secondhand stores at very affordable prices. 

I love this vintage inspired dress I got from yesstyle.com

This heart brooch is a one of a kind a vintage piece, 
belonging to my mom, a true little treasure ...

Pretty aqua vintage styled blouse from forever 21 ..

A true vintage set of earrings and necklace given to me by an aunt ....

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

IQ Natural Aluminum Oxide Exfoliate Crystals

Today I would like to share my experience using the IQ Natural Micodermabrasion product made with Aluminum Oxide Crystals. I bought this product on Amazon for $9.95 (usd), which I find to be more than affordable for those of us on a beauty budget. The main reason I purchased this product was my desperate need of a deeper exfoliation, that I could do from home.

This product is very easy to use you just mix the Oxide Crystals with your regular facial wash and massage in a circular motion on your face. What I like about this product is that the Oxide Crystals are very fine in size and don't feel harsh when used. I also love the fact that the label states that this product is cruelty-free which means this company doesn't test its products on animals.

I have used this product several times already sometimes I use it once a week and other times once every two weeks just to make sure I'm not over exfoliating. I have probably used it about ten times and I'm still not even half way through the container.

When I use it I like to take my time and wash my face by sections, starting with my left cheek, then right one, forehead, nose and chin. For each section of my face I mix the crystals with a small amount of my Olay foaming face wash, and massage onto my already wet face. I do about 15 seconds on each section and then rinse throughly. 

After my face is dry I like to take a close look at my skin with a magnifying mirror and can say that I'm pleased with the results. My skin looks and feels smoother and my pores look much cleaner, which is what I love most. At the end I only use a moisturizer on my skin and go to sleep, with a fresh and clean feeling face. 


1. You can use it at home
2. Affordable price
3. Lasts a long time
4. Gentle on the skin
5. Paraben-free
6. Sulfate-free


1. Had to purchase online
2. I have to mix it on my own with
my face wash, it gets a little messy

Overall I would recommend this podruct to anyone who wants a deeper but gentle exfoliation that can be done from home. It has been more than a year ago since I bought this product so it now has an updated label cover. Of course there are other Microdermabrasion at home devices that can offer more visible results and that I would like to try in the future but for the moment I will stick with this product. I hope this review was helpful to those out there who wish to pamper and improve the texture of their facial skin.

Disclaimer: This product review is based entirely on my personal opinion and experience while using the specified product.