Monday, June 26, 2017

Vintage inspiration

Today I want to introduce a new section in my blog in which I share pictures from my Instagram account, regarding fashion and beauty. Today's theme will be: Vintage inspiration. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more fashion and beauty ideas @yulii_85

Vintage inspired mustard cardigan with lace from forever 21 ....

Some vintage accessories can be easily found in consignment 
and secondhand stores at very affordable prices. 

I love this vintage inspired dress I got from

This heart brooch is a one of a kind a vintage piece, 
belonging to my mom, a true little treasure ...

Pretty aqua vintage styled blouse from forever 21 ..

A true vintage set of earrings and necklace given to me by an aunt ....

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

IQ Natural Aluminum Oxide Exfoliate Crystals

Today I would like to share my experience using the IQ Natural Micodermabrasion product made with Aluminum Oxide Crystals. I bought this product on Amazon for $9.95 (usd), which I find to be more than affordable for those of us on a beauty budget. The main reason I purchased this product was my desperate need of a deeper exfoliation, that I could do from home.

This product is very easy to use you just mix the Oxide Crystals with your regular facial wash and massage in a circular motion on your face. What I like about this product is that the Oxide Crystals are very fine in size and don't feel harsh when used. I also love the fact that the label states that this product is cruelty-free which means this company doesn't test its products on animals.

I have used this product several times already sometimes I use it once a week and other times once every two weeks just to make sure I'm not over exfoliating. I have probably used it about ten times and I'm still not even half way through the container.

When I use it I like to take my time and wash my face by sections, starting with my left cheek, then right one, forehead, nose and chin. For each section of my face I mix the crystals with a small amount of my Olay foaming face wash, and massage onto my already wet face. I do about 15 seconds on each section and then rinse throughly. 

After my face is dry I like to take a close look at my skin with a magnifying mirror and can say that I'm pleased with the results. My skin looks and feels smoother and my pores look much cleaner, which is what I love most. At the end I only use a moisturizer on my skin and go to sleep, with a fresh and clean feeling face. 


1. You can use it at home
2. Affordable price
3. Lasts a long time
4. Gentle on the skin
5. Paraben-free
6. Sulfate-free


1. Had to purchase online
2. I have to mix it on my own with
my face wash, it gets a little messy

Overall I would recommend this podruct to anyone who wants a deeper but gentle exfoliation that can be done from home. It has been more than a year ago since I bought this product so it now has an updated label cover. Of course there are other Microdermabrasion at home devices that can offer more visible results and that I would like to try in the future but for the moment I will stick with this product. I hope this review was helpful to those out there who wish to pamper and improve the texture of their facial skin.

Disclaimer: This product review is based entirely on my personal opinion and experience while using the specified product.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Korean accessories

    Most girls love cute things and I am not the exception, I confess I tend to gravitate towards anything cute and sweet. So I must say I was delighted when I visited Korea in 2014, and found all types of cute accessories in the local shops. Ever since I've been wanting to make a post on this topic so here I am finally getting to it. All the things photographed in this post I got in Korea, most belong to me and a few to my sister which I borrowed to share here, so please sit back and enjoy.


                                  HAIR ACCESSORIES 

 I saw a lot of these lovely hair ties with bunny ears which 
 are so adorable and just had to buy them ... I just couldn't 
 get enough of these ^^

These bunny ears have a wire inside which makes 
them adjustable~

Plastic coil hair ties in multiple colors !!!



These lovely earrings were only 1,000 won which
I believe is about $1 U.S. Dollar

All of the earrings photographed here, me and my sister
bought in Myeong-dong... which is a very popular
shopping district in Seoul.

                 MORE ACCESSORIES

I love this teddy bear broach~ 

Lovely little foldable mirror~

If you visit Korea I recommend you go to Myeong-dong,
it's a must for tourists who love shopping. You will find all
kinds of stores here and surely find anything you need, such
as clothes, cosmetics, accessories and beyond. What I loved 
the most about this place was the small accessory shops, where 
I found most of these goodies at very affordable prices.

Some of the other accessories in this post I bought at underground
shops below a subway station. These were a bit more pricey in 
my opinion, but since I had not yet gone to Myeong-dong I did
spend some money here. Overall it was a learning experience 
of finding the shops with the most affordable prices, so I don't
regret it, because I had fun in the process.

If you also love Korea like I do, I hope that you can visit
it some day and enjoy the uniqueness of this beautiful country. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Natural facial moisturizer

 Lately I've grow tired of using drugstore brand facial moisturizers. I've become concerned with the harsh chemicals these contain such as: Sulfates, parabens, preservatives and so on. I wanted to change to a more natural/organic product for my skin, but it wasn't easy I had to do some research first. My second concern when searching for a product was to find something that was non-comedogenic, given the fact that I have oily/ acne prone skin. 

The first website I visited was also known as the safe cosmetics database, which helps consumers find safe products to use. I searched for a facial moisturizer there and found a few on the list with a low degree of harmful ingredients/chemicals in them. There weren't many to choose from so I decided instead to search for natural ingredient or oil that I could use on it's own as a facial moisturizer. I was able to find a few ingredients/oils that could be used as a facial moisturizer and that were non-comedogenic too, these were Shea butter and argan oil. 


At first I tried using unrefined Shea butter on its own, but I must say I had to rub it a lot against my hand to soften it, and it was also quite sticky. Either way I started using it as my nighttime facial moisturizer and was somewhat pleased given the fact that I was using something natural and free of chemicals or harmful ingredients. After a few nights it got a bit annoying and to have to soften the Shea butter with my fingers to soften it so I decided to mix it with coconut oil. Although coconut oil has a low comedogenic rating, I was afraid it would cause me breakouts, but after a few weeks of using this mixture I noticed it didn't affect my skin in a negative way.

I am pleased with having found a more natural product to use as my nighttime facial moisturizer. I must say also that I find facial oils to be quite affordable compared to top brand facial moisturizers. My next goal is to find organic/natural foundation, lipstick and mascara. I will be posting how my search for these goes.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

When to throw away your make up

Using expired beauty products such as make up can be considered hazardous and dangerous to one's health just as it is eating expired food products. Expired skin products such as make up can cause skin irritation due to high levels of bacteria therefore it is important to get rid of these once in a while. Natural or organic skin products contain less preservatives therefore their shelf life is far shorter than conventional products and can harbour even more bacteria.

Not all make up products will have the same shelf life some range in shelf life from 6 months up to 2 years. This is an essential reason to check the expiration date to make sure you are not using an expired product. Since some products don't have a clear expiration date, below is a quick guide to follow.

Eye Make up

Eye Pencil... 24 months

Eye Shadow... 12 months

Liquid Eyeliner... 3-6 months

Mascara... 3-6 months

Skin Products

image courtesy of photoexplorer

Blusher... 12-18 months

Foundation... 6 months

Lipstick... 18 months 

Tinted Moisturizer... 12 months

Another quick tip is to always check the jar symbol on your beauty products with a number which indicates the months the product lasts before it expires. This is just a brief guide to get an idea of the shelf life of certain beauty products as well as informing of the commonly unknown dangers of using expired cosmetics.