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Korean beauty secrets

Korean women have truly the most beautiful, flawless complexions I have ever seen. Evened out skin tone, poreless skin, no age spots or blemishes. Not only do Korean women seem to have perfect skin but also a lasting youthful appearance which makes them look younger than their actual age. It's not only amazing but also makes one wonder what is the secret to such beautiful skin that radiates with glow even with out makeup?

☁ Skin care: The usual skin cleansing method most of us are familiarized with is the CMT ( cleanse,tone, moisturize) but korean women follow a different routine. This is a cleansing method consisting of 5 steps which are : double cleansing, massage & mask, tone, essence/serum, and finally moisturize. For an in depth explanation visit the following link :

☁ Oil cleansing method : In asian countries, including Korea some women don't use conventional facial cleansers instead they use oil to cleanse their skin But is oil beneficial to skin? Commonly regular facial cleansers contain sulfates that alter the natural ph on the skin which results in skin dryness that leads to wrikles. On the other hand oils help remove make up and dirt with out over drying the skin.

And for those who have acne prone skin you will be glad to know that not all oils are comedogenic I was able to find a chart that shows the level of comedogenecy of certain oils. I was surprised to find out mineral oil and safflower oil are both non comedogenic which means they won't clog pores. (source) Therefore all skin types can benefit from the oil cleansing method and there are various oils with different properties that can be useful to the skin depending on the needs of your skin.

Even though the oil cleansing method sounds fairly easy you may still have doubts on how it is done and how it works for a through explanation check the following link: 

☁ Layering skin products: Korean women use multiple products and take time massaging them into the skin. It is believed that the average korean woman applies 18 beauty products per day. This routine of applying various skin products also includes facial massage, and according to massaging moisturizers and treatments onto the skin can make the products more effective. A benefit of massaging the skin is increased blood flow and better penetration of products.

☁ Whitening Products: In asian countries a blemish free complexion along with a fair skin tone is considered beautiful. During the Koryo dynasty in Korea people with white skin, were considered of noble decent. Nowadays the process of acquiring such fair complexion is achieved thru the use of whitening products. The goal is to remove skin yellowness, freckles blemishes or scars which results in an evened out skin tone and brighter complexion.

Koreans believe a perfect complexion involves having fair skin and consider it more important in their beauty routine than wearing makeup. Most korean women include at least one or more whitening products to their daily skin beauty routine. It is no wonder that in Asia, Korea is leader in whitening products as it is a country that considers white skin as beautiful.

☁ BB creams: You might ask yourself ¿what are bb creams? First of all the letters bb stand for beauty balm or blemish balm. BB creams serve many functions such as make up, base, foundation, and even concealer. These famous cream was originally just used by surgery patients, in order to cover scars, it was later adapted into a beauty product in Korea, becoming a hit. BB creams can be found in almost any store now, in a variety of textures, tints and with distinct properties.

Korean women prefer a more natural look when it comes to makeup, instead of heavy foundation they prefer light tinted moisturizers or bb creams. Before bb creams were available in the U.S.A there were plenty of varieties of such product in Korea. What is truly amazing about bb creams is that they are a combination of makeup and skin care put together in one product. BB creams contain ingredients that help improve the appearance of skin such as, SPF protection, antioxidants and vitamins.

 ☁ Sun protection: Korean women know that in order to have beautiful skin it is very important to limit their sun exposure. Therefore they try to cover up as much as possible when doing outdoor activities, and avoid tanning at all cost. For Korean women protecting the skin from the sun in winter is equally as important as doing it in the summer.

Umbrellas, wide brim hats and protective clothing are some of the objects Korean women recur to in order to protect their skin from he sun. A top all these preventive measures wearing sunscreen is an essential step that can't be missed. This is one of the most important things a woman can do to maintain a youthful appearance, as mentioned in a previous post according to 90% of visible signs of aging are caused by sun exposure.  

Western countries are now adopting the same point of view of Asian countries  when it comes to sun tanning, and sun protection. A study conducted by Mintel beauty and personal care revealed that in The U.S.A in 2011 the percentage of new products offering sun protection rose to 19%. A high difference if it compared to the percentage of 2008 which was 13%.

In Eastern countries there is definetly more awareness on the damage the sun can cause on skin. Staying away from the suns harmful UV rays can with out doubt benefit the skin in great measure. This may be one of the best kept beauty secrets Korean woman share in common. The best part is that protecting the skin from the sun is easy and affordable in general, and can provide positive results in the long run.


Having beautiful skin like korean women might seem complicated specially if scars, spots, visible pores  and wrinkles are present. It is important to maintain a daily beauty regime that targets specific skin problems. Staying away from the sun will surely benefit, as it will delay the aging process, and prevent age spots to appear. Equally important and optional is to use whitening products, which help maintain an evened out skin tone, a characteristic of youthful skin.

There are without doubt many more Korean beauty secrets that western countries have no knowledge of yet. With Korean being one of the most advanced countries in skin care, we can surely expect to see more innovative products that will be made to battle aging skin in the future. When it comes to Korean beauty it is all about nourishing the skin and being gentle with it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Longer lashes: my top 3 tips

It's a given fact, longer, thicker, abundant eyelashes make the eyes look bigger and more attractive. And there are thousands of eyelash serums or tonics in the market claiming to give such results to it's consumers. Some of these may be as cheap as  $5.00 or as expensive as $90.00 U.S dollars. In my personal case instead of spending a fortune on these miracle potions I prefer to stick to more natural alternatives. Here are my top three tips to obtain longer lashes, which I have personally tried.

Taking a Silica supplement - First of all Silica is a mineral essential in the body which helps hair nails and skin's health and proper functioning. Recently I started taking a Silica supplement in the form of liquid called Silica formula. This product when taken internally, nourishes hair, nails, and skin providing essential . After one and a half weeks of taking this I noticed my lashes considerably longer and abundant I must confess it surprised me as I had never tried this type of supplement before. There are many Silica supplements in the market today in various forms such as: tablet, gel and liquid. I personally recommend the liquid formulas as they can be better absorbed by the body.

Apply Olive oil every night - Olive oil is packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols and phytosterols as well as other nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, E. Olive oil also contains trace amounts of chlorophyll and a moisturizing agent called Squalene. By applying Olive oil each night to the lashes these get fortified which results in less breakage. Cold pressed Olive oil is the most beneficial as this process of extraction maintains all the nutrients and vitamins of the olive. Source:

Use less mascara - Removing thick layers of mascara on a regular basis, tends to make lashes prone to falling and breaking. To reduce these negative effects the use of less mascara is a great option. The second reason to use less mascara is for its ingredients/chemicals which instead of nourishing lashes could be harming them. In some cases the significant loss of lashes could be due to an allergy to some ingredient in the mascara being used. Many mascaras contain an ingredient called Gum which helps stiffen lashes, in result making them more brittle and breakable. Therefore less eyelash breakage and falling gives them additional life time to grow resulting in longer lashes. source:  


Getting longer lashes doesn't have to be a complicated task as you can see with these easy to follow tips. In order to achieve the desired results it is of vital importance to be consistent in any beauty routine or treatment. It is important to be patient too as some treatments may no show results instantaneously.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beauty blogs

Reading blogs can be fun, as you can find advice on almost any concern you may have or information about any subject. There are thousands of blogs in the internet many of them specializing in beauty and fashion, which are mostly the ones I like to read. There are various blogs that I have found to be helpful as well as educational when it comes to beauty, fashion and skincare. Other blogs have also served as an inspiration to me giving me ideas and tips for blogging about beauty. Today I would like to share a few of these blogs and recommend them to others who also enjoy reading about fashion and beauty.

Eco beauty secrets: In her blog Vivi writes about a natural approach to skin care and beauty you can find product reviews on natural and organic products. I really like one of her posts about facial massage for forehead lines here's the link : A simple massage to fight frown lines link to blog 

Eki Blog: Since Eki has a background in makeup artistry you can find a lot of makeup tutorials in her blog as well as nail art tutorials. I really like to look thru the japanese magazine scans she posts as it gives me wardrobe ideas. Link to her blog

Just bebexo: This blog offers all type of hairstyle video tutorials as well as pictures of the hairstyle when completed. Offers a wide range of braided hairstyles which I truly like and never seen. This blog also has fashion ideas and makeup tutorials. Link to blog ⇰

Okoii's beauty blog: This blog has short but informative posts on skin care, beauty and more. Information ranging from aging gracefully to accepting oneself as is. I truly reading about the diverse subjects Yoko writes about in her blog. Link to blog ⇰

Secretes des coquettes: Although this blog has only two language options (french and spanish) you can still get hairstyle,makeup and fashion ideas just by looking at the pictures. I'm glad I can read this blog in my native language spanish since there aren't a lot of spanish beauty blogs out there. Here's the link to this blog ⇰

Viva woman blog: This is the first beauty blog I started reading on a regular basis. I love the DIY beauty recipes Sesame shares in her blog specially the ones for specific skin concerns. I have also found helpful the posts on advice for blogging. Link to blog

I hope this list is helpful in your quest to finding the best beauty advice and recommendations. There will be future posts about more blogs worth checking out. Thanks for stopping by have a great day;)

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Facial cleansing brush review

Once in a while I to try out new skin care gadgets mostly the ones used for facial cleansing. I have tried in the past facial, brushes, cloths and sponges. Several months ago I tried the facial scrubblet that comes along with the L'oreal 360 go clean facial wash, which I really liked (gadget) unfortunately I lost it. I decided to buy a different one this time and found this economic facial cleansing pad at

Brand: BDS
Price:$4.95 usd 
Color: Blue
Size: 8cm long/ 6cm wide


1) Removes superficial pore clogging debris

2) Exfoliates skin lightly in a non abrasive way

3) Gives a facial massage as it cleans

4) Can be used with any facial wash you choose

5) Affordable price

6) Convenient opening to handle, and hang gadget 
(as seen in picture below)

Even though the instructions came in another language I was able to understand with the pictures what the small opening on the bottom of the cleansing pad was for. It mainly serves two functions as the pictures show. The second function of the small opening serves is my favorite one as it is very functional.


1) Bristle tips are round, not pointy enough which would work 
better for deeper cleansing of the pores.
(See picture below)

Final word
Overall I can say this product does cleanse the skins surface, not as much as I expected though. It can be used daily as it is not abrasive to the skin which is an excelent option for those with sensitive skin. I would recommend this cleansing pad for those with sensitive skin, but if you want a deeper cleansing the this is not the cleansing pad to choose.

Disclaimer: product review based on my personal opinion and experience while using the product.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Fashion trends 2012

Every season new fashion trends are born, what is in today will be out of the scene tomorrow. It seems that for this 2012 what is ruling the runways is pleated dresses, shirts and skirts. Walking thru a few stores at my local mall all I notice is clothes with pleats, similar to the ones below.

A color that is dominating this year seems to be minty green. This fresh color which is a subtle hue of green is taking the center stage as one of the predominating color for this season. Any accessory in mint green looks fabulous with any outfit and there are many options at the stores to choose from. Jewelry, purses, shoes you name it any wardrobe piece can be found nowadays in mint green.

Affordable wardrobe pieces and accessories can be found at various local, and consignment shops. The second option is a great idea for those who like to search for original vintage pieces in mint green that no one else has. These are just a few ideas and looks you can try to create an outfit.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Aishwarya Rai's beauty secrets

Considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world Aishwarya Rai with out doubt has become a beauty icon. Crowned Miss World in the year 1994, Aishwarya continued to gain worldwide fame, successfully becoming a bollywood actress. With big blue eyes, flawless skin and defined facial structure Aishwarya is the envy of many women.

Most of us feel intrigued by the most beautiful celebrities and want to find out their best kept beauty secrets. With the creation of the internet this task has become quite easy. After searching for Aishwarya's beauty tips and advice here's what I was able to find. Following are a few of her beauty secrets with an explanation of the benefits these can provide.

Beauty secret #1  Staying Positive 

Aishwarya believes that our deepest thoughts can be reflected on our face therefore she suggest staying positive is very important.
Having a positive attitude in life can help us maintain a healthy body and it will surely reflect on the skin too. According to Mayo Clinic positive thinking can have a favorable effect on one's health. Some benefits of positive thinking may be: increased life span, psychological/physical well-being and ability to cope better during times of stress just to mention a few. If staying positive can help the body deal better with stress then the skin will benefit from it too, as various studies have suggested that stress can have a negative effect on skin.

 Beauty secret #2 Staying Hydrated 

Aishwarya believes staying hydrated is a must for beautiful skin and makes sure she drinks at least 10 glasses of water every day as she says it also help detoxify the body. Aishwarya believes drinking plenty of water each day can provide benefits not only to the skin but also for  hair. Lets see what studies suggest about the benefits of drinking water.

Although it has been scientifically proved that drinking 8-10 glasses of water has no proven benefits, drinking water does help in certain ways. According to the WebMd website there are 6 top reasons to keep consuming water on a regular basis. One of the reasons mentioned is that water helps skin look good, having in consideration that over hydration is not going to erase wrinkles. When the skin is dehydrated it will look dry and wrinkled, but staying hydrated from within can improve skins appearance.

Beauty secret # 3 Avoiding fast foods, smoking and drinking

There are three things that Aishwarya tries to avoid and these are eating fast food, smoking and drinking. Indeed it has been proven that having addictions or vices can affect the body not only internally but also externally. Lets take a look at how fast food, smoking and drinking can affect our skin.

Fast food can affect skin in a negative way. When we eat fast food a process called Glycation occurs in the body.When this process takes place it can cause the skin visible signs of aging, but what is glycation? A sugar molecule bonding to a protein with no enzyme present. Basically the result of glycation includes: fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and uneven skin tone. Source:Blog.Perricone.

Smoking can cause the skin to age much faster there are also visible changes in the skin, teeth and hair. Smoking excessively doesn't let the skin receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. What is truly shocking is that Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, which all contribute to the destruction of both collagen and elastin (source:WebMD) Check the previous link for more information and a slideshow on the effects of smoking on the skin.

Drinking too much alcohol can have an adverse effect on the skin. Drinking excessively can cause dehydration in the body and affect the skin making it look dry and even more wrinkled. Another effect of excessive alcohol consumption is the widening of small blood vessels making broken veins appear on the skin. (

Beauty secret #4 Eating fruits, veggies and healthy dairy products

Aishwarya tries to consume fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products she considers to be healthy. The consumption of fruits and vegetables can provide a wide range of benefits to the skin. According to Web Md research done suggests adding just two extra portions of fruits and vegetables a day for a period of 6 weeks can lead to a healthy skin glow( Check out the following article link of the 5 best fruits for healthy skin

Beauty secret #5 Following a basic CTM routine with the purest of ingredients

Aishwarya follows a simple skin care regime that consists of three simple steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize. This is not an elaborate skin care regime it is very simple and easy to achieve as it is not time consuming. When purchasing products for your skin you should make sure not only that they are chemical-free but also grown/produced organically.

There is a website that helps you search your skin care products and lets you know how safe they are in a scale from 1-10 and if they contain any health hazardous chemicals or ingredients, here's the link:

Aishwarya Rai is a woman that knows what she is doing when it comes to her skin care and anti aging regime.  Avoiding vices is a key factor in the well being and appearance of our skin. In order to have beautiful skin expensive creams or treatments are not necessary but taking advantage of what mother earth offers such as fruits and vegetables. 

Taking in consideration Aishwarya's beauty secrets and following them can help our skin look and feel better and are not hard to follow or expensive either.There are definetly a few things we can learn from this former beauty queen. Sometimes less is more when it comes to skin care and Ashwarya has proven this to be true.


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Cute charm bracelets at Luliku Creations

Brand new items at Luliku Creations your first stop in search for unique and original jewelry pieces. If you like wearing cute accessories then you will love the ones you are about to see. Today 2 new items first the Pink sweets charm bracelet pictured right below.

Pink sweets charm bracelet

size: small

Price: $12.00 U.S.dollars

A close up view of the charms

And for those who are not too crazy about the color Pink heres the second item Green sweets charm bracelet. Cute as a button and ready to be worn by any lovely gal.

Green sweets charm bracelet

size: small

Price: $ 12.00 U.S.dollars

An additional view of the charms

For additional information on purchasing and other details feel free to visit the link below 

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Deep facial cleansing

Properly deep cleansing the skin is extremely important in order to achieve beautiful skin. There are numerous benefits your skin can obtain from a deep cleansing, a few of these are, unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells, giving skin a healthy glow. When pores are cleaner any treatments applied on the skin will absorb beter. Today I will show you a 4 step deep cleansing routine that can be done at home.

Things you will need

Cold cream 
Facial scrub

Step 1 > Use a Cold cream this will help remove any traces of makeup as well as dirt and oil from the skin. If you prefer a more natural approach then instead of using a cold cream try olive oil for this first step.

Step 2 > Use a facial scrub and massage your face in circular motion while using it. For a natural approach to this step use your regular facial cleanser mixed with a teaspoon of either baking soda, salt or sugar. This will work as an exfoliation as well but much gentler than if you used a facial scrub as these can be quite irritating to the skin sometimes.
Step 3 > Apply any facial masque of your choice you can choose one depending on the needs of your skin. For combination and oily skin a clay masque can work wonders as clay helps clean pores and draw out impurities. A natural approach to this step is using a home made masque heres one recipe I like using once in a while:

Oatmeal powder

Mix equal amounts into a paste, leave on the face about 15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. This masque can be very refreshing to the skin. Worthy of mentioning is the fact that Oatmeal helps relieve dry skin and milk helps brake down any traces of oil/sebum on the skin.

Step 4 > Moisturize. After a deep cleansing it is vital to moisturize the skin. Moisture helps seal water to the skin making it more supple. Apply moisturizer right after rinsing off your masque that way you will lock in moisture. If you have oily or acne prone skin don't forget to choose an oil-free moisturizer or one that says non-comedogenic.
After a deep facial cleansing your skin will feel smooth and refreshed. Don't forget to give your skin a deep cleansing at least once a week. With time you will start to notice the positive results: a glowy, healthier complexion: the dream of every woman.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prevent facial sagging

As we grow older common signs of aging start to appear on our face from fine lines to deep creases and finally wrinkles. The facial skin may look opaque as well, and to sum up the facial skin starts sagging. Even though the aging process is part of our human nature, it can be prevented to a certain point. With proper care and consistency you can delay the aging process and maintain your facial skin firm.

First of all why does facial sagging occur ? One reason is that the skin stops producing collagen which is a protein that helps maintain skin's firmness. It is vital to stimulate the skin so it can produce more collagen. Our eating habits and lifestyle can also contribute to the improvement of our skin's appearance or to the worsening of it. Here are a few tips you can try to slow down and prevent facial sagging.

Limit Sun exposure: by doing so you can
delay your skin's aging process which also includes facial sagging. But you might ask yourself how much skin aging can the sun cause? you will be amazed when you read the following fact: According to  90% of visible skin aging is caused by the sun! So now is the time to bring out those wide brim hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Eat collagen boosting foods
 Green leafy vegetables: A lot of vegetables contain vitamin C and Lutein which is an antioxidant these are known to help skin's collagen production.

 Red vegetables:  These contain lycopene (a carotene and carotenoid pigment source) that serves as an antioxidant helping build collagen. Here's a brief list of some red vegetables you can incorporate into your diet:

beets, red peppers, as well as tomatoes just to name a few. 

 Sulfur rich vegetables: Vegetables containing high levels of sulfur can help the body produce collagen as well a few sulfur rich vegetables are: Celery, cucumber, black olives.

 Legumes: foods containing lysine can boost collagen production but what is lysine? an essential amino acid that can be found in legumes and can help form collagen in our bodies According to the University of Maryland Medical center. Some legumes worth trying in order to boost collagen production are: Alfalfa, peas, clover, lentils, red beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans,black eyed peas.

 Use creams containing Copper peptides

Copper peptides which are laboratory made can help heal wounds when applied topically, According to an article on the Mayo clinic website copper peptides can stimulate collagen production, and can probably enhance the application or action of antioxidants. (source:Mayo clinic)

Copper peptides can promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. A study conducted revealed that copper peptides can do    this job better than prescription retinol A formulations. It is   recommended to use  creams containing copper peptides as well as other key ingredients for anti aging.

Facial massage

Some sources suggest facial massage can slow down visible signs of aging (source: facial massage). Facial massage can also relieve pain and stress by relaxing the muscles. This is believed to be beneficial against aging because when our facial muscles are relaxed we tend to frown less.

Facial massage is commonly done with the hands, today there are also devices or tools for this. There are also plenty of examples in the  internet of facial massages you can give yourself at home. In the following link you can find an easy facial massage from the skin care brand Shiseido ➡ Facial massage tutorial

After mentioning all these preventive measures against facial sagging you can choose which ones you want to incorporate into your beauty routine. One of the most important measures is to limit your sun exposure as the suns rays can cause visible aging signs difficult to erase. Eating collagen boosting foods and giving your self facial massage are two affordable ways to combat visible skin sagging.

 Copper peptides can be quite expensive, since they seem to be relatively new in the market but with time this may change. As you see the good news is that theres a lot you can actually do to maintain your facial skin firm and prevent it from sagging. Consistency and patience along with a few of these tips will help you achieve the desired results.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Acne advice: my top 3 tips

In a previous post I shared my experience with a few topical medications for acne, today I will share a few things that helped improve my troubled skin. It is very difficult indeed to deal with the emotional effects of having acne, as I passed thru the same process. I know you might feel desperate, because I know I did in one point of my life due to my severe acne, that's why today I will share with you my top 3 acne tips that made a difference in my life. 

After reading in a health book that a daily intake of Zinc helps heal acne, I decided to give it a try. I bought a store brand supplement bottle of Zinc which came in the form of 50 mg capsules. I followed the instructions on the bottle which said to take one daily Zinc capsule after each meal. After a week and a half of taking the Zinc supplement, I had visibly less breakouts and some in the process of healing. After two weeks my breakouts had stopped emerging, I was incredibly pleased and happy. I continued taking the Zinc supplement. You might be asking yourself how can Zinc help heal acne? heres an explanation:

free image courtesy of:

Zinc is an element needed in order for the body to function properly, as it speeds up the healing process which I consider to be helpful in the healing of blemished skin. Zinc is also considered to help achieve clearer skin, for those suffering with acne or those who have rosacea. In a study conducted in 2006 rosacea patients were given 100 mg of Zinc sulfate to be taken three times a daily, the results patients showed were a 75% reduction in rosacea symptoms such as redness. It is considered that a combination of both topically applied Zinc and the antibiotic erythromycin can help reduce acne. The recommended daily dosage intake is 8-15 mg. (source:Skin benefits of Zinc )

 The weekly usage of Mint Julep mask. After endless trips to the drugstore, each time buying what I thought would heal my acne, I stumbled across Queen Helens Mint Julep Masque. I was intrigued by the Mint Julep Masque as it was one of the few products I had yet to try. The use of the Mint Julep Masque dried out my pimples, and made the healing process much shorter than usual. I noticed this masque also helped clean out my pores. I used this masque about twice a week and was amazed with the results.

One of the ingredients this Mint julep mask contains is Phenoxyethanol, which is an organic chemical compound found in various beauty products. Phenoxyethanol is considered a bactericide which means that it kills bacteria. I conclude that is a main reason why Mint julep mask is so beneficial for acne. (source:Wikipedia )

Changed my eating habits. I decided to change my diet when I noticed eating extremely oily foods such as cheese were causing more breakouts on my skin. My diet didn't change to extreme measures I only stopped eating cheese and right away noticed an improvement in my skin. Even though studies conducted have not proven there to be a relationship between eating oily foods and acne, In my case I did notice there to be a connection among these two. 

Although this has not been proved some evidence does suggest that the fat we eat is used in our body to make skin oil(sebum). An additional study suggests that fatty diets do lead to a higher content in sebum. (source:Diet and Acne

These are my top three tips for acne sufferers. Every little change in your lifestyle can have an effect on your skin for better or for worse as I know it did for me. Whether it's a diet change, taking supplements such as zinc or using a special facial mask it's up to you which one you want to try. I truly suggest that in the search for a clearer complexion you try out different products and methods you might just find something that truly works for you.

Photos: google

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Enhance your eye color with the right eyeshadow

We all have different eye color and shape, the main eye color groups are brown, green, blue, hazel. Even though there are just a few eye color groups there is an endless amount of varieties and mixes among these which is truly amazing, because I truly believe beauty relies in diversity. There are a few ways to enhance your beautiful and unique eye color one of these ways is using make up, the secret to this is knowing which eyeshadow color to use. Here's a quick mini guide with tips that I took from a spanish beauty magazine a while back.

For Brown eyes try the following eyeshadow colors:

For Green eyes try:


For Blue eyes try the following eyeshadow colors:

For Hazel eyes try the following eyeshadow colors:

To complement your look you can use an eyeliner that contrasts with your eyeshadow color, black and gray go with any look as they are universal colors. Now you can really make your eye color pop with the right eyeshadow!! 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beauty and Stress don't go well together

Stress can have a negative effect on the body. When you stress your body releases a hormone called cortisol, having large amounts of this hormone traveling thru the blood stream can be very toxic for the body. Some effects of stress on the skin are: thinning of skin, aging and wrinkling at a faster rate as well as prominence of blood vessels under the skin.(Source: )

Staying beautiful not only consists in taking care of your skin, leading a healthy lifestyle is important as well. Maintaining a low stress level is vital in order to achieve a vibrant, healthy and glowing complexion. Stress can make skin look lifeless and tired reason for which, daily relaxation should play an important role in your beauty routine. Here are a few examples on how to release stress in a healthy way, and help the body relax.

Pamper yourself ➤ Each day dedicate a few minutes, just for yourself, to relax and unwind from daily life stress. Close your eyes and lay down on your favorite sofa while you listen to your favorite music, you can try adding two slices of fresh cucumber to your eyes for a truly soothing experience. Another option to try is a bubble bath, it can work wonders, after a long day helping body muscles relax. While soaking in the bath tub you can enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

Exercise ➤ Doing some type of regular workout can help the body release accumulated stress. A
daily 30 minute walk, a jog, playing tennis or volleyball, there are many options today.

Sleep ➤ Try to sleep at least 8 hrs each night. When the body is well rested it's better prepared to respond to daily stress. If you can't sleep 8 hrs each night then you can try a mid afternoon nap, of 15 or  20 minutes, It will help you feel refreshed and ready to continue your day.

Drink a tea ➤ There are a variety of herbal teas specialized in relaxing the senses, here's a list of a

● Chamomile: Helps soothe anxiety, induce sleep.

●Valerian (herb): Has sedative properties.

● Lettuce: It is believed lettuce has sedative properties, enough to help sleep. Lactucarium (a substance similar to opiate) can be found in all types of lettuce. It is no wonder Romans and Egyptians had a bit of lettuce after each meal to induce sleep. source

Get a pet ➤ The company of an animal can help people feel loved and safe. Theres a form of treatment called animal assisted therapy in which animals help patients improve their social, emotional and cognitive functioning. In a study conducted in 1988 the phycological effects of talking and petting a dog were analyzed. The results of the study suggests patients blood pressure decreased while petting the dogs, was a bit higher when talking to them, and higher when talking to the experimenter. Therefor the companionship of an animal can have therapeutic effects on those suffering from severe stress.
source: wikipedia

Listen to music ➤ According to some research music can have a calming effect on the brain. I found it very interesting that in a research study, music was played at nursing homes during the meal time, this actually helped keep alzheimer patients calm, it was also noticed that there were less disagreements between residents of that particular nursing home. It has also been suggested that listening to music can help decrease blood pressure as well as heart rate.

 These are just a few recommendations that can be of some help for those suffering from stress. And remember by reducing your stress level you will feel better, and have a healthy radiant complexion as well. The following link will take you to a useful chart showing the effects of stress on the body. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

infographic detailing the effects of stress on the body.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

♥ New Items at Luliku Creations ♥

Check out the new items at my etsy jewelry shop, here's a quick glimpse. The first pair of earrings are Kawaii inspired, very girly and cute.

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Kawaii Dream earrings
$14.00 USD

the next pair ...

Princess Chandelier earrings
$20.00 USD


Red Dangles
$12.00 USD

If you like my creations and wish to purchase any visit my little shop here is the link

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