Monday, February 6, 2012

Enhance your eye color with the right eyeshadow

We all have different eye color and shape, the main eye color groups are brown, green, blue, hazel. Even though there are just a few eye color groups there is an endless amount of varieties and mixes among these which is truly amazing, because I truly believe beauty relies in diversity. There are a few ways to enhance your beautiful and unique eye color one of these ways is using make up, the secret to this is knowing which eyeshadow color to use. Here's a quick mini guide with tips that I took from a spanish beauty magazine a while back.

For Brown eyes try the following eyeshadow colors:

For Green eyes try:


For Blue eyes try the following eyeshadow colors:

For Hazel eyes try the following eyeshadow colors:

To complement your look you can use an eyeliner that contrasts with your eyeshadow color, black and gray go with any look as they are universal colors. Now you can really make your eye color pop with the right eyeshadow!! 

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