Monday, August 6, 2012

Fashion trends 2012

Every season new fashion trends are born, what is in today will be out of the scene tomorrow. It seems that for this 2012 what is ruling the runways is pleated dresses, shirts and skirts. Walking thru a few stores at my local mall all I notice is clothes with pleats, similar to the ones below.

A color that is dominating this year seems to be minty green. This fresh color which is a subtle hue of green is taking the center stage as one of the predominating color for this season. Any accessory in mint green looks fabulous with any outfit and there are many options at the stores to choose from. Jewelry, purses, shoes you name it any wardrobe piece can be found nowadays in mint green.

Affordable wardrobe pieces and accessories can be found at various local, and consignment shops. The second option is a great idea for those who like to search for original vintage pieces in mint green that no one else has. These are just a few ideas and looks you can try to create an outfit.

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