Friday, December 11, 2015

Natural facial moisturizer

 Lately I've grow tired of using drugstore brand facial moisturizers. I've become concerned with the harsh chemicals these contain such as: Sulfates, parabens, preservatives and so on. I wanted to change to a more natural/organic product for my skin, but it wasn't easy I had to do some research first. My second concern when searching for a product was to find something that was non-comedogenic, given the fact that I have oily/ acne prone skin. 

The first website I visited was also known as the safe cosmetics database, which helps consumers find safe products to use. I searched for a facial moisturizer there and found a few on the list with a low degree of harmful ingredients/chemicals in them. There weren't many to choose from so I decided instead to search for natural ingredient or oil that I could use on it's own as a facial moisturizer. I was able to find a few ingredients/oils that could be used as a facial moisturizer and that were non-comedogenic too, these were Shea butter and argan oil. 


At first I tried using unrefined Shea butter on its own, but I must say I had to rub it a lot against my hand to soften it, and it was also quite sticky. Either way I started using it as my nighttime facial moisturizer and was somewhat pleased given the fact that I was using something natural and free of chemicals or harmful ingredients. After a few nights it got a bit annoying and to have to soften the Shea butter with my fingers to soften it so I decided to mix it with coconut oil. Although coconut oil has a low comedogenic rating, I was afraid it would cause me breakouts, but after a few weeks of using this mixture I noticed it didn't affect my skin in a negative way.

I am pleased with having found a more natural product to use as my nighttime facial moisturizer. I must say also that I find facial oils to be quite affordable compared to top brand facial moisturizers. My next goal is to find organic/natural foundation, lipstick and mascara. I will be posting how my search for these goes.



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