Friday, December 30, 2011

Aqua nail polish from Forever 21

I have never been a big fan of nail polish nor do I use them often, but when I saw this Aqua nail polish at Forever 21 I had to buy it. I love purples and blues mostly I'm not too crazy about pink hues. This color really caught my eye since I have been wanting to buy a blue nail polish for a while and this one was the perfect hue I was looking for.

Nail polish name: Aqua
Price: $2.80
Store: Forever 21

 My nails with one coat of Aqua nail polish just the right amount to give
my nails a subtle hint of color.


And now my nails with two coats of Aqua nail polish
A bit to much for me I will stick to one coat. If you like 
this color you can purchase it at your local Forever 21 store.
Check out the website for more nail polish colors
Disclaimer : I do not get paid to review any beauty products
I just do it as a hobby ;) 

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