Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beauty blogs

Reading blogs can be fun, as you can find advice on almost any concern you may have or information about any subject. There are thousands of blogs in the internet many of them specializing in beauty and fashion, which are mostly the ones I like to read. There are various blogs that I have found to be helpful as well as educational when it comes to beauty, fashion and skincare. Other blogs have also served as an inspiration to me giving me ideas and tips for blogging about beauty. Today I would like to share a few of these blogs and recommend them to others who also enjoy reading about fashion and beauty.

Eco beauty secrets: In her blog Vivi writes about a natural approach to skin care and beauty you can find product reviews on natural and organic products. I really like one of her posts about facial massage for forehead lines here's the link : A simple massage to fight frown lines link to blog http://ecobeautysecrets.com/ 

Eki Blog: Since Eki has a background in makeup artistry you can find a lot of makeup tutorials in her blog as well as nail art tutorials. I really like to look thru the japanese magazine scans she posts as it gives me wardrobe ideas. Link to her blog  http://www.ekiblog.com/

Just bebexo: This blog offers all type of hairstyle video tutorials as well as pictures of the hairstyle when completed. Offers a wide range of braided hairstyles which I truly like and never seen. This blog also has fashion ideas and makeup tutorials. Link to blog ⇰ http://www.justbebexo.com/

Okoii's beauty blog: This blog has short but informative posts on skin care, beauty and more. Information ranging from aging gracefully to accepting oneself as is. I truly reading about the diverse subjects Yoko writes about in her blog. Link to blog ⇰ http://okoii.wordpress.com/about/

Secretes des coquettes: Although this blog has only two language options (french and spanish) you can still get hairstyle,makeup and fashion ideas just by looking at the pictures. I'm glad I can read this blog in my native language spanish since there aren't a lot of spanish beauty blogs out there. Here's the link to this blog ⇰ http://www.secretsdescoquettes.com/

Viva woman blog: This is the first beauty blog I started reading on a regular basis. I love the DIY beauty recipes Sesame shares in her blog specially the ones for specific skin concerns. I have also found helpful the posts on advice for blogging. Link to blog http://www.vivawoman.net/

I hope this list is helpful in your quest to finding the best beauty advice and recommendations. There will be future posts about more blogs worth checking out. Thanks for stopping by have a great day;)

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