Friday, October 12, 2012

Longer lashes: my top 3 tips

It's a given fact, longer, thicker, abundant eyelashes make the eyes look bigger and more attractive. And there are thousands of eyelash serums or tonics in the market claiming to give such results to it's consumers. Some of these may be as cheap as  $5.00 or as expensive as $90.00 U.S dollars. In my personal case instead of spending a fortune on these miracle potions I prefer to stick to more natural alternatives. Here are my top three tips to obtain longer lashes, which I have personally tried.

Taking a Silica supplement - First of all Silica is a mineral essential in the body which helps hair nails and skin's health and proper functioning. Recently I started taking a Silica supplement in the form of liquid called Silica formula. This product when taken internally, nourishes hair, nails, and skin providing essential . After one and a half weeks of taking this I noticed my lashes considerably longer and abundant I must confess it surprised me as I had never tried this type of supplement before. There are many Silica supplements in the market today in various forms such as: tablet, gel and liquid. I personally recommend the liquid formulas as they can be better absorbed by the body.

Apply Olive oil every night - Olive oil is packed with antioxidants such as polyphenols and phytosterols as well as other nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, E. Olive oil also contains trace amounts of chlorophyll and a moisturizing agent called Squalene. By applying Olive oil each night to the lashes these get fortified which results in less breakage. Cold pressed Olive oil is the most beneficial as this process of extraction maintains all the nutrients and vitamins of the olive. Source:

Use less mascara - Removing thick layers of mascara on a regular basis, tends to make lashes prone to falling and breaking. To reduce these negative effects the use of less mascara is a great option. The second reason to use less mascara is for its ingredients/chemicals which instead of nourishing lashes could be harming them. In some cases the significant loss of lashes could be due to an allergy to some ingredient in the mascara being used. Many mascaras contain an ingredient called Gum which helps stiffen lashes, in result making them more brittle and breakable. Therefore less eyelash breakage and falling gives them additional life time to grow resulting in longer lashes. source:  


Getting longer lashes doesn't have to be a complicated task as you can see with these easy to follow tips. In order to achieve the desired results it is of vital importance to be consistent in any beauty routine or treatment. It is important to be patient too as some treatments may no show results instantaneously.

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