Saturday, November 19, 2011

My personal experience with acne medications

I developed acne when I was about fifteen years old, and with time it just kept getting worst.When I was In High School my cheecks were full of pimples. It was very hard emotionally having to go out to the world like that. All I wanted was to have clear healthy skin.

Today I would like to share my experience with acne an some of the products that I tried. These are just a few, I can't remember all of the products I used out of desperation. The products I mention here are the ones I can remember the most as I tried so many it got hard to keep track.

Proactive - It did not cure my acne it only had it under control. The root of the problem continued which is what happens with most acne products they don't attack the root of the problem they just help superficially. I used Proactive for about 2 years with no lasting results whenever I stopped the treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide - On a desperate attempt to cure my acne I bought a medicated over  the counter cream with a 10% concentration of benzoyl peroxide. I had in the past used the same type of medicated cream at a 2% and 5% concentration with no results of improvement in my skin. This time I went much further believing a 10% concentration 
would do the works. I was very wrong ! after using the medicated cream over night for about two days, my skin got flaky dry peeling and red. I stopped using the medicated cream immediately.

Sulfur - I once read that sulfur when used topically can help heal acne, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a sulfur ointment specially formulated for acne. After trying the sulfur ointment once or twice, my skin became dry and irritated, not as much as it did with the benzoyl peroxide though. I discontinued the use of this product because my skin didn't seem to like it.

Even though a lot of acne products I tried didn't help much, there were also other products that did help. Later on I will write a post about the products that did help improve my skin's appearance. There a lot of acne products today but not all of them work for everyone, since we all have different skin types. One thing is true with effort and patience you too can find products that your skin will react positively to.


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