Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stylish Jewelry


        We usually can find beautiful jewelry pieces at any average mall store.  
At stores such as forever 21 and H & M I have personally found some hit pieces.
Even though I like these stores sometimes I fell like wearing a more original piece
of jewelry, something uncommon.

I was fortunate to find a website that sells handmade arts and crafts including
 jewelry it's called( After opening an account I decided to launch my
very own jewelry shop. At a young age I took the hobby of making handmade
 jewelry sometimes selling them to friends and family.

  I had only one thing in mind, create original pieces. I posted some of my most favorite 
and unique pieces at my newly made online shop which I gave the name: Luliku Creations. I 
sell all my jewelry at affordable prices and free shipping in the U.S.A only. Along this post there are a few pictures of my work. 

             As the owner of Luliku Creations I can say my jewelry pieces offer a unique style
             If you're in search of an original piece, you can find my shop in my link list on the top right column under Luliku Creations- unique jewelry.