Saturday, November 5, 2011

                 Product review: Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin

Olay's foaming face wash comes in several versions: sensitive, normal, and combination/oily skin. The
product comes in a tube like bottle, it contains 7.0 fluid oz. of product. This product is very affordable
it costs about $ 5.95 usd. and can be found in almost any drugstore.

One of the reasons I chose this product as a facial wash is because it's oil-free and fragrance free I believe that products that don't contain oil or fragrance are better for the skin. The second reason is that I have acne prone and oily skin therefore I only use oil free products.
I mainly use this facial wash once a day and at night I use another facial wash that helps control acne prone skin. This facial wash leaves my skin clean but not the squeaky clean that is so dry it hurts. One thing I really like is that it leaves my skin free of any oil, and make-up. After washing my face, my face feels soft and  smooth.

 This is a product I would definetly recommend. I am personally very satisfied with Olay's foaming face
 wash for sensitive, and normal skin as I have tried both. This product review is based on my personal opinion and experience while using this product. For more information about this product you can visit Olay's website at